Valentine’s Cake

Years ago I bought some heart-shaped cake pans to create sweet surprises for my family for Valentine’s Day. This year I searched for a chocolate cake to make which would be Paleo-friendly. I found a recipe written by Frugal Jen called Chocolate Almond Meal Cake on a blog called The Frugal Low Carber.

Frugal Jen explains her process she went through to arrive at the recipe. She researched well because it was delicious. You can find the recipe at the link above.

The first time I made the recipe, I used 1/2 cup of maple syrup as my sweetener. I also made a topping for the cake. I used 1 orange, 2 T honey and 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries. I liquified the whole orange in the food processor including the rind. I mixed this with the maple syrup and raspberries in a small sauce pan on the stove until it was well mixed together. I then spread this on top of the cake.

valentinecake valentinescakes valentinescakes#2

I served the cake on top of raw milk cream.

The second time I made the cake, I used coconut sugar as the sweetener. I added 1/3 cup of semi-sweet organic chocolate chips and 1/3 cup of frozen raspberries. This cake did not need a topping or the raw milk cream!

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