Fruit Tart

I found this paleo recipe for fruit tart in September 2012 on the website called The Unrefined Kitchen. Of course I saved it right away because my son has always loved fruit tart. In the past, I never imagined I would ever be able to make a beautiful fruit tart. I would buy him a fruit tart from Whole Foods for his birthday and call it a day! When I was deciding what to serve for my Paleo Christmas Dinner I remembered this beautiful dessert and thought it would be just fancy enough that no one would notice it was Paleo.

I did not change the recipe at all except for using almond meal instead of the almond flour mixed with ground almonds. Even though there are four steps to make the tart, each step was very easy!
I made the tart the day before, wrapped it in plastic wrap and stored it in the refrigerator. Everyone loved it and I will definitely make this a Christmas dinner tradition.

You can find the recipe by clicking the link above!

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