Fat is Good

How many times have you tried to explain to someone about the type of fat or amount of fat you eat in your diet? It’s hard in our society where we have been conditioned to the misconception that all fat is bad. There are some exceptions to the rule if you have been on a Paleo diet for a while and have seen the results of eating wholesome fats.

This is a video of Nora Gedgaudas, C.N.S., C.N.T. presenting at the 2nd annual Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 at Harvard University.

The Central Importance of Fats to Our Primal Bodies: Making the Case for Becoming a Fat Burner:

Nora Gedgaudas — The ‘Holy Grail’ of Primal Health: Benefits of a Fat-Based Caloric Intake for Body and Brain from Ancestral Health Society on Vimeo.

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