I was hungry this morning, and did not have time to cook breakfast. I had some hard boiled eggs left over from yesterday and a ripe avocado. I was about to slice them to eat when I thought, “What if I combined them?” Once I had combined the two, I named the recipe eggvocado. Googling eggvocado, I was sad to find I was not the only person who had invented this recipe.
There are a few recipes for eggvocado on the internet that consist of a baked egg inside an avocado. I like my version better because you can make the eggs ahead of time and eat them on the run in the avocado for a fast breakfast.

To make the Eggvocado

Boil some pastured eggs the day before. Place the eggs in a saucepan covered with water. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Place lid on pan, turn heat off, let eggs sit in hot water for 10 minutes. Pour out hot water and add ice to cover eggs. (This stops the cooking and makes the eggs easier to peel.) When eggs are cool place back in egg carton and store in refrigerator. I put an X on the boiled eggs so my husband doesn’t try to crack them.

Peel the egg and slice in half.
Peel the avocado in half and take the pit out with a spoon. Place the eggs inside the indentation left by the pit. Add salt and pepper if you wish.

I slice the eggvocado one way and then the other way crosswise to make it easier to eat. I eat it with a spoon.

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