Dr. Robert Lustig

One of the first videos I ever watched about the Paleo Diet was by a Dr. Robert Lustig from UCSF. He explains in this hour and a half video the science behind why we elimate sugars and grains from our diets. Yes, it is long, but I suggest you watch it, even if you have to watch it in 3 parts. There are sections that are extremely scientific and geeky, so if you need to, skip these parts. These are some of the topics he covers in the video:

  • Explanation of the Obesity Epidemic.
  • Explanation of the Type II Diabetes Epidemic.
  • History of High Fructose Corn Syrup and how it should be considered a poison.
  • How Sucrose and Juice Consumption contributes to obesity and diabetes.
  • Why we were told erroneously not to eat fat starting in the mid 1970s.
  • The difference between Pattern A LDL cholesterol(good large buoyant LDL) and Pattern B LDL cholesterol (bad small dense LDL).
  • The history behind the lack of fiber in the Standard American Diet.
  • The biochemical reactions behind all of this science. This is interesting because he explains what fructose does to the liver.
  • How fructose is a toxic substance and ends up as stored fat in the body.

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