African-Inspired Chicken Stew

I recently had some friends visit me from England. This was a special visit because they were on their honeymoon and I had introduced them. Unfortunately, they had contracted the flu during the trip and had spent a lot of their travel time coughing and sleeping. They were due to arrive in the evening and I wanted to make them something special. This recipe had just arrived in my in-box from Chris Kresser. If you do not know Chris Kresser, please check out his website. He is an integrative practitioner who practices acupuncture in Berkeley. He also loves the Paleo Diet. He has a great deal of information on his blog and has written several e-books with myriads more information.

So, I made the recipe using a Victorian Farmstead pastured chicken cut up into 8 pieces and the left over turkey broth from my Christmas Turkey. The recipe was just what the doctor ordered. The spices and minerals in the stew were just what my friends needed to perk up and enjoy the rest of their honeymoon!

Click here for the recipe:

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